Monday, June 13, 2011

My Garden Part2

Week Two:

WE HAVE VEGGIES!!!!! Of course they are not ripe, but I am still so excited! We have been watering once in the morning and once at night. We have added a new watermelon, but other than that nothing except some little red flowers to help bring more bees.

Updates on Growing:

1. We have Tomatos growing. They are little and green (So Cute).
2. The Cucumbers are growing GREAT!
3.The Squash are doing GREAT!!

4. Something is eating my Peppers! I don't know what it is, or if it is bad. (Any advice would be much appreciated.)
5. There are flowers growing on the Peppers.

[My Squash]

Not much more to add just yet! But I will have more news soon!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Garden Part1

Ok so this summer I decided that I wanted to test out my green thumb.
Finally I got out there and got started. I picked a spot and Cody went and ran the tiller through it for me. I started with getting all of the weeds out and then leveled the ground. Diane (Cody's Mom) and I went to the Wal-Mart to pick out some plants and get some soil. We also got Plant Food and some cute gardening gloves LOL. When we got back home we formed an assembly line and together got the job done quickly. We were pretty damn proud of ourselves. It was really hard work, a lot harder than I had anticipated (I hurt everytime I moved for the next two days).

My garden was so cute! It was well worth all the work.

We Planted:
> 3 Tomatoes *two Big Boys and one Cherry Tomato*
2 Crook Neck Squash
1 Cucumber
1 Pepper
1 Sweet Basil
1 Cantalope
1 Watermelon

A Week In:

R.I.P Cantalope
> My Cantalope Died. I think I killed it. On the way home from the Wal-Mart it got tipped over and one of the leaves on it broke. (There is no way that was releated to my bad driving.) We planted it, but it couldn't be saved.
> My mom came by to see it (I was so excited I had to show someone). She gave me some good adivce:
1. Go and buy another pepper. You need two of them to cross pollenate each other. (For the record I HATE peppers, but Diane likes them so we put them in)
2. Get a couple little flowers and plant them in the garden, they will help with getting bees to come around to pollenate the peppers.
> I think my watermelon is dieing. I'm not going to give up on it. We will see what happens.

Exactly 7 days after Planting:
Diane was out working in the backyard when she noticed how bad the soil we planted the garden in was. It was hard as a hell! So we decided to move it to a different spot in the yard that had better soil. We worked together leveling out a new patch and pulling out any weeds. We formed another assembly line taking each plant out (One-By-One) and putting them in the new hole with more plant food and some of the original soil with the old soil it was already planted with.

We got it all done in an hour! (Great team work!!!!)

Diane went out and bought a few more plants to add to it:
> 1 Pepper
1 Big Bush Tomato
1 Watermelon
1 Cucumber
3 Pansys (For the Bees)

My brother Brent (AKA "Grandpa's Clone") came over to see what he thought about it. He gave me some good advice.
> 1. Water them twice a day! (Very good advice because I was only watering once a day)

2. My watermelon was deffinetly dead. (It was really funny because right after Brent said that it was dead, Cody accidentlay SQUISHED it with his foot. This is funny because I hate watermelon, and he loves it)

R.I.P Watermelon

> I have new leaves coming in on my cucumbers and my squash! They are doing good!!

> I have some blossoms coming in on my peppers!

> I had to use some little posts to help hold up my tomatoes, but they are looking great now!!!!

I will post more as the summer goes on!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Vegas Trip!

Me, Cody, Cory (Cody's brother), & Kazya (Cory's Fiance) decided on Wednesday that we wanted to go out of town. At first we were thinking camping. Fun & and not too expensive. Well everywhere you could go camping in Utah and Idaho had bad weather warnings, so we put our heads together. We were all determined to go out of town, but where? LAS VEGAS NEVADA! Why not right, we had enough to cover gas, they paid for the hotel, and I drove! Perfect idea! We booked the hotel, and planned everything out, and we left Friday for Vegas!
Our Hotel "The Vegas Club"
It only took us 6 hours to get there, we ended up in Vegas at about 6 or 7. We found our hotel with the help of Mapquest! We stayed @ The Vegas Club. Its right on Fremont street, so we got to have the Fremont Street Experience! The overhead TV screens were really cool, other than that there are a lot of weirdos that hang out on Fremont Street lol.

Fremont Street @ Night
We got checked in and went up to our room. Simple two beds with a tiny TV and a terrible view! But I LOVED IT! We were on vacation, that was all I cared about. Poor Cody had gotten sick on the way to Vegas. He had a fever and simply felt like crap! So me and him stayed at the hotel and Cory & Kazya went out to check out the town! I took care of my Cody. Got him water, put a cold towel on his head. I just wanted him to feel comfortable. We watched "Pretty Woman" (i love that show) and went to bed.

The Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet! A lot of things in Vegas are Fantastic!

Me and Harry The Burmese Python
We woke up the next morning, and Cody was feeling better, so we decided to go to the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet! This place was cool. It was $1 to get in but there was two miles of stuff! There was a reptile store in there, so OF COURSE I had to check it out. Harry the Snake was there! HUGE SNAKE scared me lol.

Harry Again! He was Huge!!!

Kazya & Cory in front of New York New York!

Cody & I in front of New York New York!

After the swap meet, we went to the strip. We parked at the Luxor, and walked to the MGM Grand! I wanted to see the Lion Habitat. By far the coolest thing ever. The male Lion got so close I could have touched him if the glass wouldnt have been there. I loved it. After the MGM we went to the M&M and Coke Cola Store. It rained on us a little but it wasnt too bad.

Cody & I with the M&M car
After that we went back to the hotel and layed down for a little bit. We wanted to be rested for the night. Me and Cody went and got some food, and went and checked out the pool, it was too cold to swim, but the pool area was cool. To go on the strip that night we decided to take the bus to help preserve our gas to get home. So we walked to the bottom of Fremont Street and bought our bus tickets. Well we ended up giving away our bus tickets because they wouldnt let us take drinks on the bus. So we just took the car.
Me and My Honey @ the Luxor
Kazya & I with the Super Cute Lamborghini!
We parked at the luxor again, and went to the MGM. Cory and Kazya went and got food and me and Cody went out on the strip! He is a good tour guide! He showed me all the cool stuff, and told me about the strip! It was fun to be just the two of us. We walked down to Tresaure Island to see the show, but we missed it so we started to head back towards the car, (Cory and Kazya were waiting for us). We stopped in front of the Belagio for a little bit and then made our way back to the car. My feet hurt so bad! We layed in bed and watched TV for a little bit, and fell asleep.
Me in front of the Belagio! Gorgeous Hotel!!!
My Picture of the Strip From the MGM
The next day before we left we went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Which was cool, because I had never been there! It was actually really good. We headed out after filling up the gas tank in the Camary, and were home before we knew it. It was a fun trip, and it was great to get out of town for a weekend. But its good to be home!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

~Happy Birthday Lulu~

Happy Birthday Lu!
Your one in a million girl!
I love ya to death!

It's Mindy's Day!

Happy Birthday Mindy!!
Make it a great one! Lots of love your way!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I came across this obituary and I found it very interesting. I wanted to share it with you!
I don't know this man. He wrote his own obituary, and it kind of gives you a new prospective on life.

Scotaidh Walsh Macalisdair Meacham
(Scot Wayne Mecham)
Meacham, Scotaidh, died October 8, 2008
of unknown reasons other than my heart stopped.
I was born Setpember 29, 1950 at the McKay Dee Hopital
In Ogden, Utah with no name to M. Keith Mecham
and Ruth Steed Mecham.
I have been known to drink strong drink, smoke,
cuss, lie, cheat at cards, fight and chase women.
To all you women who shared your bed with me, I
thank you, the pleasure was truly mine.
To all you virgins, thanks for nothin'.
I worked at many things for a living
that included, but not limited to,
capentry, logging, trapping, shoeing harses
and asses, stuntman wrangler, house painting,
trucker, car sales, tavern owner and engineer
I was educated in the local school system
and graduated from
Bonnville High School.
I had the inclination and found
the time to attend college, three years
at Weber State, three years at
the University of Utah.
Graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Science
in Electronical Engineering (MEEE),
incomplete due to ill health.
At the time of the public printing I have engraved my
tombstone, dug my grave and written
my obituary. I think it is safe to say "I have
quit all my habits, good and bad".
Papa Scott was loved dearly by his grandchildern,
McKayla and Payton McMann, Zoey and Harmony
He is survived by his daughter, Nicole, his brothers
Craig, Reed, and Brad, and one sister Renee.
Scot was preceded in death by his parents.
He was lucky to have us in his life, but we were
luckier to have him in ours.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Class of 2010

Congrats on Your Graduation! Proud of you guys!
Brent Higley & Jonathan Bayles
Class of 2010